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Press Registration

Register as a press visitor to carry out the press activities at the shows.


Please fill in the following information and send it back to Show Management.

Subject Line: Press Registration for NEPCON NAGOYA/AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya/SMART FACTORY Expo Nagoya/RoboDEX Nagoya/SMART LOGISTICS Nagoya/GREEN Factory Expo Nagoya


1) Name: (Mr./Ms.)
2) Company:    
3) Publication/media name:    
4) Media classification:     
5) Job title:
6) Address: 
7) Country:    
8) Tel:          
9) E-mail:        
10) URL:       
11) Visiting dates:

An email will be sent out shortly to confirm your press registration request.
Please print out your press registration confirmation email and bring it to the shows.


On arrival at the venue, please come directly to the Press Room Registration Counter. 
You will receive your press badge by submitting 2 business cards. 
More details, including the location and opening hour of Press Room Registration Counter, 
will be announced around one month before the show.

Press Room Opening Hours:

Day1 [Wed] 9:00 – 17:00
Day2 [Thu] 9:00 – 17:00
Day3 [Fri] 9:00 – 17:00

Press Room Services:

・Work tables         ・Press releases
・PC /Printer           ・Wi-Fi

Please note: The Press Room may only be used by journalists and other related press/media professionals who are visiting for coverage/reporting of the shows. Individuals who cannot prove their professional identity and purpose may be asked to leave the venue by Show Management.

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